M U T A T I O N , R I G H T ?

Mutation, right? Took us from single-celled organisms to.. Oh, I'm sorry, I've been told I prattle on for too long.

My name is Charles Xavier, or Professor Xavier, if you'd prefer. Do feel free to ask me questions, my darlings!


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Anonymous said: have you ever fucked moira

That’s not a very nice way to talk about a lady.

Anonymous said: So... Are you in our time, or are you still in the sixties? If you're in our time, what's your favourite technology you didn't have in the sixties?

This internet thing is pretty groovy.

ooc: some stuff regarding timelines can be found here

Anonymous said: Charles, would you be the cytosine to my guanine?

And together we’d make the perfect nitrogen base, won’t we?

Anonymous said: ((I love your art style! You are simply amazing! <3)) Why are there bottles of wine labelled Charles Shaw floating around?

I…. I’m sure that name and surname are common enough for someone to have come up with a wine labelled as such. There were no shenanigans going on on my part, that’s for sure!

Anonymous said: Do you like the hunger games, Charles? :)

Is this some sort of eating competition?


Thank you, I think. You have such a strange way of praising someone.

Are you talking about the Norse God, Thor? I can’t say that I have met him, but I am quite fond of Captain America myself. He was a childhood hero of sorts..

Anonymous said: Hello Charles! It's an honor to finally talk to you! What does it feel like when people say that kind of thing, that they are honored to meet you? What is the best way to accept such a high compliment?

With a very gracious ‘thank you very much, the honour is mine.’ Which, in this case, it is, anonymous!